Maps of Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Affected by Fire. Also known as: Landsat Burnt Area 106-69: 2000

  • Stefan Maier (Creator)



    Burnt area (BA) maps are the location and extent of areas affected by fire for significant areas of the Northern Territory (e.g. national parks, protected areas, field military training areas) derived from Earth Observation Satellites (EOS). The EOSs preferred are the Landsat (NASA/USGS) series which offer the best possible historical spatial resolution at an affordable cost.

    This dataset is for maps of Litchfield National Park, showing areas affected by fire.

    A Landsat scene (“snapshot”) covers an area of 180 km by 180 km for a particular date at a spatial resolution of approximately 30 m (pixel size). The area covered by each scene is identified by two numbers known as the Path and Row of the Landsat World Reference System (WRS). Each map produced coincides with a particular Path/Row for a particular date.

    The BA mapping has been commissioned by the Northern Territory Government and Federal Government agencies such as Kakadu National Park and the Defence Department. The period covered for this dataset is different for each path/row covering the late 1980’s to 2010.

    The BA is a raster product in GeoTIFF format. The digital values for an aggregated path/row year product encode burnt and unburnt. Burnt areas could further be divide up into burnt in the early dry season, burnt in the middle dry season and burnt in the late dry season. The mapping of burnt areas does not imply completeness as images can be affected by clouds, cloud shadows, haze or smoke.
    Date made available2016
    PublisherCharles Darwin University - Datasets
    Temporal coverage1993 - 2010
    Date of data production1993 - 2010
    Geospatial polygon131.098140,-13.016090 130.655160,-13.016090 130.655160,-13.542558 131.098140,-13.542558 131.098140,-13.016090

    Field of Research (FoR)

    • 0909 Geomatic Engineering

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