NT DataLink Demonstration Project Dataset (linking perinatal, immunisation, school records, AEDI statistics across child cohort 1993-2006)

  • John Mckenzie (Creator)



    Demographic and health statistics for over 50,000 children. The dataset is the basis of a project undertaking an early childhood data linkage demonstration to link unit record level data across health and education administrative data sets for the entire Northern Territory population. This will create a unique opportunity to examine whether using such data can reliably inform us about early childhood development and learning pathways. NT DataLink will link the following Northern Territory population-based administrative datasets: perinatal data, the Client Master Index (for data linkage purposes only), childhood immunisation data, the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy [NAPLAN] data and the Australian Early Development Index [AEDI] data. The linked childhood dataset will enable population wide analyses not previously possible. It will allow the team to systematically investigate experiences and conditions that contribute to children’s cognitive, social, behavioural, physical development and school achievement. The project covers various perinatal and child health risk factors and their influence on children’s development as they enter school and undertake standardised child-development and literacy and numeracy tests. The study includes highly policy relevant research questions and the data-linkage methodology if proven feasible will provide a powerful means of monitoring the key determinants and outcomes of direct interest to the national and NT government priorities for overcoming Indigenous disadvantage and closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian’s mortality, morbidity, socioeconomic advantage and participation.

    Access Condition: Mediated access. Please contact Dr John McKenzie to find out about this dataset and whom to approach to gain access to similar datasets. John.McKenzie@menzies.edu.au
    Date made available2015
    PublisherCharles Darwin University - Datasets
    Temporal coverage1993 - 2006
    Date of data production1993 - 2006

    Field of Research (FoR)

    • 1117 Public Health and Health Services
    • 1301 Education Systems

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