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Binoy Joseph is a PhD candidate in the College of Education under the supervision of Dr Sue Smith and Dr Georgie Nutton.  Prior to undertaking his PhD, Binoy worked in child protection for over 13 years in SA and the NT. Binoy has an academic background in India where he taught graduate and postgraduate Social Work students at the premier Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS) in southern India. He was a founding faculty member of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) at RCSS where he played a pivotal role in establishing the course and its fieldwork curriculum. Whilst Binoy was a lecturer, he presented papers at national seminars and conferences in India and provided consultancies to human service organisations in India that included the development of innovative projects for external funding of self-help groups; computer literacy programs; services for the elderly; hospices; and physically challenged youth. Binoy holds a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Social Work from Nagpur University and Master of Social Work (MASW) from Madras Christian College (University of Madras), India. His research areas include teacher wellbeing, social work, community development and child protection. 


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