Henning Andreas Kloevekorn

Henning Andreas Kloevekorn

Mr, Phd Candidate

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Henning completed a Bachelor of International Studies at University of Adelaide with a Major in History in 1997. He continued with a Master of Arts (1999) which led to a management career culminating in executive roles such as Director at TAFESA and CEO of Skytrust. In this time Henning continued to follow his passion in history, publishing books on Masonic history and Norse theology. He is the curator of the Lobethal Museum and has an Amazon Prime history channel in the UK and USA. 

A Freemason of over 20 years, he is Secretary of the SA / NT Chapter Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle, the largest Masonic Research organisation, Deputy Director of the Freemasons (SA/NT) Community Relations Committee, a member of the Masonic Knight Templars and Masonic lecturer. Recognising that SA/NT have a rich Masonic history, Henning is passionate about a focus on our colonial experience of Freemasonry as it is an area rich in academic opportunity and historical reflection. He also has a general interest in secret societies.


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