Ser Loy Chan

Ser Loy Chan

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Ser Loy is an international student from Singapore on a RTP scholarship to study a PhD.  He is a Vocational Education and Training practitioner back home, qualified as a curriculum developer, trainer and assessor.  Before coming to Australia, he was an Adjunct Adult Educator and Associate Researcher at the Institute for Adult Learning, an autonomous institute within the Singapore University of Social Sciences in April 2019.  Ser Loy graduated from Charles Darwin University in 2016 with a Master of Education (International) degree. He returned in 2017 to start his PhD journey.  His research interests cover teaching and learning principles and instructional strategies to support adult learners achieve better learning outcomes.  At the same time, Ser Loy is a strong proponent of e-learning as an additional teaching tool to complement, supplement, and even improve on traditional face-to-face methods.


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