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My name is Vijayasri and I am from Darwin, Northern Territory. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Forward Error Correcting (FEC) codes for next-generation broadband networks. This research aims to develop advanced error correction techniques to enhance the reliability and efficiency of broadband communication systems. To support my research work, I recently presented a short presentation at the ResBazNT 2023 workshop. This opportunity allowed me to showcase my project and receive valuable feedback from the academic community. Prior to my Ph.D., I completed my Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. During my master's program, I worked on a research project titled "Design and Implementation of Extended ID3 Algorithm for Rule Post Pruning in Data Mining." This project involved utilizing a data mining approach to construct and prune decision trees, resulting in the generation of decision-making rules from predictable or unpredictable inputs. This research work was presented at the UGC-SAP(DRS) National Conference on Computing and Mathematical Modeling in 2005. Additionally, during my Bachelor's degree, I worked on a research project titled "Fuzzy Control of Power Generation and Distribution." This project involved developing a knowledge-based fuzzy engine, using simulation models, to automate the throttle control of a steam turbine engine in an electricity generation plant and the operation of circuit breakers and transformer tap changers in an electrical distribution station. My prior experience in working with AI applications and the successful completion of these research projects have instilled in me a strong interest in exploring new problems and fields within the realm of AI. I am highly motivated to contribute to the advancement of broadband networks through my research work in optimizing the performance of parallel concatenated Block (PCB) codes using AI. I am confident that my academic background, research experience, and dedication will enable me to successfully undertake this research and contribute to the field.


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