2019 IAS Rainmaker Start-up - Use of 3D printer and technology to promote culturally-based creative learning outcomes.

  • Gromik, Nicolas (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

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    Dr. Gromik successfully applied for a Rainmaker Start-up grant to offer training in Bandung, West Java Indonesia, about 3D printing integration in the classroom. Dr. Gromik travelled to Indonesia, and met with the host institution, Pusat Pengembangan Dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik Dan Tenaga Kependtoikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (P4TK IPA), where training was deliverd from 10 to 15 February 2020. The training included two parts. The first part exposed training attendees to technology integration in classroom, and design process. The second part exposed attendees to TinkerCad operation and 3D printing process. The focus of the second part was to explore the skills students could develop through manipulating TinkerCad. P4TK organised a very professional one week workshops, and attendees were impressed with the training received. Due to attendees positive feedback, the Rainmaker Start-up grant was then redirected to expose a few participants to the use of simSchool, an online simulation software. After applying for Ethics approval to conduct this training, Dr. Gromik in collaboration with P4TK and Pragmatic Solutions, will be investigating the educational merits of exposing teachers to simSchool Professional Development in a COVID-19 restriction context. The research team includes Dr. De Liaz, Dr. Dave, Dr. Kartika Asih and Dr. Litz. The research outcome are scheduled for December 2020.
    Short title3D printers in schools
    Effective start/end date15/07/1915/04/20


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