2019 Rainmaker Readiness - Improving habitat offsets for migratory shorebirds through adaptive wetland management

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    Ports and other artificial environments are now critical to conservation of threatened migratory shorebirds. Precautionary measures to minimise impacts from port development on shorebirds have substantial economic consequences. Ports, however, are usually only one site of many within a network. Both ports and conservation managers need to understand what happens when developments perturb this network. Our project was intended to build on long-standing partnerships and collaborative research with Darwin Port and the Port of Brisbane to answer practical questions around habitat use in commercial harbours using cutting edge approaches to studying avian movements within a network, techniques that are being perfected by another project being run through CDU.
    Short titleHabitat offsets for migratory shorebirds
    Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/21


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