2019 Rainmaker Start-up - Unpacking ‘Climate Emergency’ in Madhya Pradesh: A CDU Initiative for Solution-Driven Collaboration among Australian and Indian Researchers

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    Madhya Pradesh – a central Indian province – is also a home to large population of tribal communities. Only about 30% of Madhya Pradesh’s 75 million people live in cities and towns of varying sizes. For the past few years, almost all the districts of Madhya Pradesh are experiencing climate extremities like frequent droughts, floods and rise in diurnal temperature. It is not uncommon across the state to record 45 degree C daytime peak temperature in summer coupled with severe water crises, which is known as ‘urban drought’. The project proposes strategic thinking as well as integrated and participatory approaches to solve the problems through field observation and consultation with communities and stakeholders.
    Effective start/end date1/10/1915/12/21