2020 Rainmaker Startup : Identifying research partnerships for Sea Country values, livelihoods, monitoring, and management in the Northern Territory

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    The purpose is to conduct an information and consultation exercise to: a) identify existing marine/coastal organisations/groups and their research priorities; and b) identify collaborative research opportunities for CDU with potential partners. The scope is interdisciplinary and multisectoral – sea country monitoring and management, Indigenous and non-Indigenous fisheries; social, cultural and economic values. The exercise will partly draw on a WA NESP snapshot exercise approach (Lincoln and Hedge 2019). The funding will be used to support a research assistant and any travel costs to: 1) conduct a desktop exercise to compile information; 2) hold discussions/meetings/small workshops with stakeholders (e.g. NTG, Indigenous organisations, Land Councils, ranger programs, NGOs) to confirm research priorities and needs ; and 3) compile 'project' opportunities for a joint external funding application to meet end user and CDU research priorities.
    Short titleIdentifying sea country partnerships
    Effective start/end date20/08/201/12/21


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