2021 IAS Rainmaker Co-Investment: Mapping and protecting the values of the Djelk IPA and Arnhem Marine Park

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    Rainmaker co-investment grant application to support a proposal for funding through Our Marine Park Grants (Round 3) [ID 47662289]

    Project description from 47668889:

    The Arnhem Marine Park (MP) overlaps with the soon-to-be-dedicated Djelk sea country Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). This partnership project between the Bawinanga Rangers (Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation), the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), and Charles Darwin University (CDU) intends to aid the protection and conservation of ecological and cultural values in the Arnhem MP and Djelk IPA, by documenting Traditional Owner (TO) knowledge of sea country. Areas identified as of high biocultural importance within the marine park will be further characterised by scientists and Rangers using camera, acoustic and fish survey methods. TO perspectives on how the identified values within the Arnhem MP should be managed, and their preferred role in that management, will be documented. Finally, the project will identify ranger capacity to deliver management and monitoring programs on behalf of Parks Australia (PA).
    Effective start/end date1/06/2230/11/24


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