2021 Rainmaker Co-investment - To Be Born Upon a Pandanus Mat (Yothuw gayatha dhäwal’ guyaŋa’nharaw)

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    Aim: To establish and evaluate, through a prospective, non-randomised, interventional trial, Australia’s ‘Birthing on Country’ very remote, demonstration site. Participatory action research will enable partner organisations to redesign services in both the community and clinical (primary and tertiary) setting as we test the feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness, clinical and cultural safety and cost of the new service compared to baseline data and a contemporary control.
    Participants: Yolŋu mothers and babies living in Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island, Arnhem Land. Several team members have been collaborating with the community spanning 5-25 years.
    Intervention: a complex intervention will see the redesign the health service to increase continuity and quality of maternity care as women move through services in Galiwin’ku (remote community), Nhulunbuy (regional hospital) and Darwin (tertiary referral). This will include community and health service co-designed interventions to reduce risk factors in pregnancy that are associated with preterm birth and early medical and allied health referral for women with complex needs and chronic conditions. We will enable Yolŋu to use Indigenous knowledges across the first 1,000 days by providing djäkamirr (Indigenous doula) support to women during pregnancy, childbirth and until baby turns 2-years. Improving midwifery care and support through clinical and cultural supervision and greater integration of care and services across the network. We will increase Yolŋu engagement, governance and control as we develop community reproductive health data reports to facilitate reproductive health literacy.
    Comparator: Galiwin’ku is one of 10 communities in East Arnhem. Women residing in each of the other communities will receive standard care and be the ‘control group’.
    Outcomes (primary): increased number of women receiving care in the 1st trimester; reduced preterm birth, postpartum haemorrhage and babies being admitted to a neonatal nursery.
    Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/26


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