2021 Rainmaker Start-up: Application of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) techniques in construction training in remote communities

  • Rajabipour, Ali (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)
  • Kutay, Cat (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Ford, Linda (Chief Investigator C)
  • De Boer, Friso (Chief Investigator D)
  • Fudge, Mark (Chief Investigator E)
  • Russell, Janet (Business Manager)
  • Gallagher, Colby (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Hromek, Michael (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)

Project: Research

Project Details


The project studies application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for construction, co-creation and training to remote indigenous communities. 3D models of Construction design can be edited and discussed through immersion in the virtual reality. In the implementation of designs, including standard and innovative construction methods, training onsite is required. Construction tools and environment will be built virtually to be added to a real site to provide training. Using augmented visuals  trainees will be instructed  step-by-step through the construction methods on site before using the actual tools. Instructions can be translated to local terms where possible to improve existing packages developed by CDU VET. The whole training package will be kept available to the trainee for their future revisions. Products of this study will be used as demos for improving training to be provided by CDU to ALPA to support  their recently won $52M remote construction project. We are using these demos to seek R&D funding together with ALPA and other future CDU partners in community construction.  Results of the project are expected to significantly reduce travel costs to communities, reduce consultation costs over design plans, reduce chance of exposure of untrained people to risks associated with construction tools, make it possible for the trainees to review the training materials upon their need and reduce the chance of transmitting diseases to communities.  

As part of the work we will gather parties interested in this work across CDU and within ALPA in a workshop where we will demonstrate the technology we will be using. We will discuss the models and training to be demoed, as well as engage the Yolngu staff in the training work. 

ALPA, the potential funder, has shown great support to the idea. With this grant we will prove the concept to the potential client. Other clients including Northern Land Council are being communicated for funding the project at the same time. 

Effective start/end date6/08/2131/12/22


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