2021 Rainmaker Start-Up - Development of a Social Outcomes Framework for the Northern Territory

    Project: Research

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    This Rainmaker start-up is being sought for the team listed to develop specialised sampling frameworks and conduct a range of other activities necessary to secure to secure the project with maximum income. The project is a proposed grant by the Northern Territory Department of the Chief Minister to develop the entirety of the Social Outcomes Framework and, if successful in pitching to the Department, would involve collection of primary representative data to:

    • to develop, test and operationalise a social survey
    • to build a social capital index that is appropriate to the diversity and uniqueness of the Territory’s population
    • develop a prototype dashboard for representing the social indicators and social survey

    The Department has indicated there is a government-wide desire to continue the research over time in order to track and monitor the social indicators. Aside from income to generate the baseline social outcomes framework and index, this would make for an annual source of income of at least $100k.
    Effective start/end date1/03/2131/08/21


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