2022 Rainmaker Startup Grant: Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Interfacial Phenomena

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    This submission aims at developing accurate understanding of the stability and rheological properties of emulsion and foam interfaces, from the first-principles computations, providing physical insights that will be immediately applicable to developing improved liquid explosives and aqueous film-forming and non-film-forming foams. The use of computer simulations to study systems at the molecular scale has been proven to be a valuable tool for the understanding of surfactant systems. Because of their fundamental nature, the results will have potential for applications to other industries that use foams and emulsions. The funds received through the Startup grant ($2500) will be used to contribute to purchasing a fast desktop computer to perform the calculations (total cost of around $12,700).
    Short titleMolecular Dynamics Modelling
    Effective start/end date1/02/2230/11/22


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