2023 Rainmaker Startup "Design, implementation and evaluation of a holistic, both-ways model for delivering VET on country to East Arnhem Indigenous students.

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This participatory action research project entails the scoping, co-design, and implementation of a both-ways model of VET course delivery on country to support remote Indigenous students' successful study in VET.
Working with students from East Arnhem land, this both-ways approach considers Yolŋu participation in VET courses not only as an opportunity for building skills and qualifications but also for the sharing of western and Yolŋu knowledges and language in different VET discipline areas, for example, conservation and land management, education, music, and the arts. With Yolŋu knowledge authorities in communities as co-teachers this approach will allow students opportunities for learning through English and Yolŋu Matha (languages) and for a rich exchange and building of knowledge and language both-ways. The project will also explore ways of recognising students existing knowledge and skills through RPL/Micro-credentialing processes towards the VET certificates. Importantly, achieving these formal qualifications provides recognition towards proper job remuneration and opportunities for Yolŋu participants to become leaders in their fields of work and knowledge.
Specific activities conducted by the core research team to design, implement and evaluate this model will be:
• Consultation and scoping the on-country model design
• Co-design of imbedded, both-ways knowledge and language scaffolding (in a sample VET course as pilot)
• Cultural workshops for VET staff to build appropriate and effective relationships with students and their families
• PD workshops to build both-ways co-teaching skills for VET and Yolŋu facilitators and explore ways to build flexibility into the VET competency-based model to encompass different cultural and geographic contexts
• Review model and further development in response to evaluation.
• Preparation of a report for CDU outlining successes and issues, approximate costs, recommendations for other courses or other work areas or other sites of delivery.
• Investigating the best uses of the newly reopened CDU space in Nuhlunbuy.
• Preparation for an ARC Discovery Indigenous application or similar leveraged off this project.

The start-up grant will help fund:
• Remote travel for preparing and evaluating the course
• Expert Yolŋu language and cultural advice for co-design
• Payment for Yolŋu co-teachers
• Both-way Consultant fees
• Project management, curriculum design and evaluation
Short titleBoth Ways VET
Effective start/end date20/02/231/03/24


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