4D fire information and 2022 burnt area mapping for North Kimberley fire projects

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    This project is building on previous fine scale mapping and fire information visualisation work conducted with WWF to support North Kimberley Indigenous ranger groups. this project will specifically provide:

    •Fine scale burnt area mapping produced for the project year (2022).
    •3D landscape fire visualisation produced, i.e. 3D printed landscape map of (1) Dambimangari Country and (2) Wunambal Gaambera Country used to project the mapped fire information and derived fire metrics and burn animations, as well as training/mentoring for delivery of fire simulation.

    The funder title- Using ecological thresholds to measure biodiversity improvements from cultural burning in the North Kimberley.
    Short titleNorth Kimberly 3D Fire mapping
    Effective start/end date30/05/2231/05/23


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