A synthesis of research conducted into the impacts of surface water abstraction on tropical aquatic species

  • O'Mara, Kaitlyn (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)
  • Kopf, R. Keller (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Burford, Michele (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Kennard, Mark (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Stewart-Koster, Ben (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Douglas, Michael (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Beesley, Leah (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)

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    The tropical waters of northern Australia contain unique and diverse aquatic species that are adapted to the seasonally variable climate. Many species rely on seasonal river flows to move, forage, reproduce and fulfil critical life history stages, particularly in ephemeral rivers which become disconnected in the dry season. River flows and harvest are known to influence both freshwater and marine fish and fisheries. However, river flows have been modified in several tropical catchments by water abstraction and development of water storage infrastructure for agriculture and drinking water. Additionally, there is increasing pressure to develop new water resource infrastructure in northern Australia. A large and disparate body of literature exists that has documented the relationships between tropical fish species and the seasonal variations in river flow. Production of several commercially, recreationally, and traditionally important tropical aquatic species is linked to flow, suggesting that these may be at risk from the multiple pressures of water abstraction and harvesting, warranting the need for a synthesis of current knowledge on water abstraction impacts and identification of knowledge gaps for targeted future research.
    We will address this priority task through the delivery of a stakeholder targeted synthesis of current knowledge on the impacts of water abstraction on tropical aquatic species by a team of recognised experts who have worked extensively on the flow dependence of tropical aquatic species in northern Australia. Through this synthesis, we aim to increase stakeholder understanding of water abstraction impacts on aquatic species.
    Short titleRIMS 55967
    Effective start/end date1/07/2231/07/23


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