Addressing the fundamentals of cropping-systems that deliver sustainable growth of agriculture sector in the Northern Territory

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Improving productivity and profitability of the Northern Territory cropping system is crucial for sustainable growth of the Territory’s agriculture sector. An abundance of land suitable for producing high value broadacre crops across central and northern Australia is available1 2. However, growers and investors need to have confidence in adopting scientifically sound recommendations for selection of crops and adoption of practices for the dryland farming systems. Topical research and development efforts and major infrastructure developments are supportive of establishing a self-sustained cotton industry in the Northern Territory. However, knowledge gaps in crop establishment, agronomy, biosecurity, technical skills, and an in-depth
understanding of the social aspects associated with barriers to growth of broadacre cropping in the Northern Territory need to be adequately addressed.
Short titleCRCNA - Cotton-Grain- Cattle project
Effective start/end date1/01/2330/06/26


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