An Exploration of Misinformation Management Models for Emergency Management: A Comparative Study of Indonesia and Australia

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An essential area of emergency management is the management of communication issues. Digital communication has shown the positive contribution it can make to improve public communication in disaster and emergency response. However, further studies are needed to explore ways to ensure the benefits are sustainable. Previous studies indicate that despite the number of benefits, social media also has become a source of misinformation and has disrupted the way people perceive otherwise accurate information. This study seeks to find a model to manage misinformation on social media when a disaster happens, by understanding how risk perception and social media user behaviour affects people’s decisions when spreading rumours, gossip, “fake news”, and other inaccurate information related to risk and disaster events. This study’s key desired outcomes include assessment of existing policies and strategies and to offer recommendations based on that assessment in combination with the broader research, knowledge, and practice in the field. It is anticipated and hoped that this study will produce recommendations that contribute to improving, expanding, and better integrating theory and strategies for government in dealing with the risks and disaster events.
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