Applied research and experimental development on use of recycled materials in remote Northern Territory road construction

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    Undertake research and development, innovation, and commercial development in collaboration with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) into the use of recycled materials in remote Northern Territory roads. The research aims to find practical solutions which will enhance local businesses and create jobs in remote Northern Territory communities through use of recycled materials in road construction.

    A feasibility study will be done in the first stage of this project. This to identify and evaluate resources, cost, benefits, and risks associated with use of recycled materials in NT road construction.

    In the second stage, relatively more attractive alternatives will be further studied in terms of mechanical properties, compliance with existing Australian standards, regulations, codes, maintainability, and long-term behaviour. Numerical simulations will be carried out in this stage to further estimate long-term behaviour of selected materials.

    Finally, prototype study will be conducted on real size segments of road pavements in selected remote roads. Results in this stage will be used to calibrate numerical simulations. Final results will be used to develop guidelines on successful practices for using recycled materials in NT remote roads.
    Short titleRecycled Materials
    Effective start/end date9/11/218/11/25


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