Australia-Indonesia The Partnership for Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children (INOVASI) Program

  • Shaw, Greg (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

    Project: Consultancy - Non Research

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    The Challenge
    The quality of education is significantly dependent upon the knowledge and skills of teachers to facilitate and support children’s learning. Teachers professional development focused on developing teachers knowledge and skills and competency maintenance has been a critical part of developing the quality of education in Indonesian for many years. Traditionally, approaches of teachers professional development have involved face-to-face intensive activity. While there are many advantages of such an approach, generally it is expensive in terms of accommodation and transportation. However, COVID-19 has reduced the possibility of travel and face-to-face learning. Indonesian schools underneath the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), are exploring how they might use online approaches to teachers professional development of existing modules. Re-developing a course in an online form requires a systematic and planned response.

    What we are doing
    The College of Education at Charles Darwin University has extensive experience in online teachers professional development. Under the direction of Professor Greg Shaw, we are providing advice to MORA on how to go about building capacity and supporting Indonesian leaders and administrators as well as professional developers and processes of developing and implementing online teachers professional development. This work is in support of the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children (INOVASI) Program.

    How this will help
    The outcomes of this activity will not only result in products that can be models for ongoing professional development programs, but will result in capacity building and raising understanding of the benefits of online teachers professional development. COVID-19 has brought many challenges to education in Indonesia. However, there are also opportunities to consider new approaches and new ideas and to apply innovative practices for better outcomes
    Effective start/end date5/09/2031/03/21


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