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Investing in the Workforce: Birthing On Country Workforce Innovation Unit
To support scale-up of Birthing On Country (BOC) services by establishing a national Birthing On Country Workforce Innovation Unit to and build the capability and capacity of organisation/s to deliver culturally and clinically safe Birthing on Country services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
1. To respond to requests from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Health Organisations to build their capability and capacity to develop BOC Services by conducting ‘warming the ground’ activities (e.g. community engagement and stakeholder consultation, workforce need assessments, start-up reflective practice and clinical midwifery support, First Nations governance and service integration strategies and locally adapted Program Logics for KPI monitoring and reporting).
2. To improve recruitment, retention, and development of staff by developing a novel training package on Reflective Supervision that incorporates cultural safety, trauma informed care and reflective practice skills for the frontline workforce and Team Leaders (including midwives, family support workers, Djakamirrs and Aboriginal Health Workers).
3. To work with sites to transition their midwifery workforce to Medicare Endorsed Caseload Midwifery Practice, technical advisors include: My Midwives. We will also gain a deeper understanding of My Midwives 24/7 clinical mentoring service for the frontline BOC midwifery workforce (being cognisant of intellectual property issues).
4. To gain better understanding of the role and scope of practice of midwives working in BOC sites, and in remote and very remote settings, by conducting a needs assessment to inform the development of a postgraduate curriculum to address training gaps.
5. To work with sites to ensure the frontline workforce embed smoking cessation in pregnancy strategies as part of the model of care.
6. To develop the Workforce and Infrastructure Capability Framework necessary for the establishment of a Sexual, Reproductive Health and Primary Maternity Unit (onsite BOC Birth Centre) in a very remote island community in the Northern Territory (Galiwin’ku).
Short titleWorkforce Innovation Unit
Effective start/end date1/04/2230/11/25


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