Blue Forests Indonesia - Mangrove Management 2019-2024

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    The Blue Forests project is a seven-year project on improved mangrove management, fisheries and community health taking place in West Kalimantan and South Sumatra, Indonesia. The assessment phase of the project began in April, 2017. Implementation has been slightly delayed due to COVID-19 but began in October, 2020. The Blue Forests project is coordinated in partnership between Blue Forests (Indonesian NGO), Blue Ventures (a UK-based charity) and CDU-RIEL.

    The challenge
    Half of Indonesia’s original 4.2 million hectares of mangroves have been deforested or degraded, largely through conversion to alternate land uses such as aquaculture or oil palm. The challenge of the project is to improve mangrove management largely through sustainable utilization of mangrove and fisheries resources.

    What we're doing
    This project contains a variety of activities. All activities are carried out through a participatory, action-research problem solving approach with local communities. The main objective is to build critical thinking skills and knowledge around coastal livelihoods including mangrove and fisheries management and community health. Examples of activities range from development of non-timber mangrove forest products, improved timber management, habitat enhancement of key mangrove based fisheries, mangrove rehabilitation and restoration. In order to ensure the sustainability of the effort, empowered local communities are facilitated to engage with formal spatial, forest and development plans in collaboration with the government and private sector.

    How it helps
    By investing in rural coastal communities capacity to identify local issues of concern and address a single issue, community members become empowered to continue to address and resolve local issues and problems. The addition of academic research to support participatory action-research and problem solving adds a layer of robustness that helps communities advocate for positive change.
    Effective start/end date30/07/1920/09/23


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