BODYTANK: Exploring human autonomy among ‘intelligent’ machine worlds

  • Schuberg, Emma Louise (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

Project Details


Can humans maintain autonomy with the rise of increasingly ‘intelligent’ machines? BODYTANK is my PhD project that seeks to evoke understandings of complex, evolving relationships and dimensions between humans/nonhumans and digital technologies. My research practice engages with emergent performance ethnography, to interrogate human agency and how humans co-design and perform with or without digital technologies and data in a particular context.
For this presentation, one of the maverick humans operating in the theatre of Darwin Harbour in remote Northern Australia will be invoked as a provocation. My aim is to vividly problematise the contemporary human, amongst the pressures of performing with digital systems and disembodied entities. My research data captures the arising tensions and feedback loops of this situated embodiment. In the analysis, projecting dynamic hybrids of being, doing and knowing are grappled with.
...The body of the harbour is a stage on which many cosmologies collide – sometimes clashing, sometimes meshing, sometimes in mutual ignorance. It is in this collision, amongst swirling ebbs and flows, that this research is performed. Nonhumans participate; mangroves, midges, and muddy tides. Digital technologies and data networks participate, in embodied and in disembodied ways, producing cyber knowledges. Humans and other autonomous lives differ from digital networks and data in that they are inherently situated and offer situational experiences. In these experiences, some tensions and maverick performances emerge...
Effective start/end date3/01/17 → …


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