Book “Pride and Revelation – Stories from Charles Darwin University Nursing Museum”

  • Mason, Janie (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

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    The Charles Darwin University Nursing Museum began by accident with the transfer of pre-service nurse training from hospital to university in 1987. From the first, this was a keeping place of nursing memorabilia related to northern and central Australia. The Museum’s collections have been assessed as significant for the unique local story of nurses which is part of the Australian nursing story. This collection of stories from the Museum demonstrates our pride of place and revelation as the stories unfold. They are illustrated with pictures from the various collections of artefacts, memorabilia, historic photographs, books and archives held by the Museum. Unless otherwise indicated, the pictures in the book are held by the Museum and most can be found on the Museum's catalogue, which is readily accessible on-line with The Collecting Bug. In this exploration of the Museum, stories are told of low status female work, the 35 years of the Museum's growth and development, identities who have worked in the Museum plus an eclectic selection of stories from artefacts and of nurses in time of threat and catastrophe. Pride in keeping |the local nursing story and a sense of revelation and wonder are expressed as these nursing stories emerge from the Nursing Museum.
    Effective start/end date2/02/2212/05/22


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