Bridging the cultural differences

  • Misra, Roopali (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: Other

Project Details


•In the past, we have had several expressions of interest from businesses/ organisations in Alice Springs for student placements. This fits in perfectly with NTG’s goal of providing a good local experience to the International students. Also, it aligns well with CDU’s strategic goal of focussing on international students and enhancing their local experiences.
•Recently, we have received great interest from the local community and CDU’s Alice Springs campus regarding their support for international students. This gives a very timely and focused opportunity to promote our International students and to connect them with employers and the local community.
•Provide students an opportunity to explore and consider Alice Springs as a potential option for their future study and work. This activity will provide them a path to form and strengthen collaborations outside Darwin.
•A good opportunity for students to get away briefly from their hectic semester schedules and learn about the Australian work culture. This would assist in the process of enhancing their wellbeing.

•ACTIVITY: Bridging the cultural differences.
•DETAILS: We propose to take five international students currently enrolled in the MBA and Master of Accounting courses at CDU (mix of business/Accounting and a mix of different nationalities) to Alice Springs along with an academic staff member.
•Students will participate in the social activities organised at the CDU Alice Springs Campus which will include a networking event and follow up individual meetings with employers and distinguished members of the community.
Day 1: Social and cultural activities for students and local businesses. This would help bridge the gap between the different cultural backgrounds.
Day 2: Follow up visits to some key organisations and meetings with the key people interested in the placement program and hosting internship students.

•Connect international students with employers and local community – Running the session in Alice Springs, gives a great opportunity for the students and the local community to meet and interact. Not only does it attempt to bridge the gap between the different cultural groups, it is also a preview of the potential job candidates for the community and businesses. For students, it is an invaluable experience to know more about the Australian culture, meet people from a different region (other than Darwin) and understand the work culture and expectations of working in a regional area.
•Increase community understanding of the benefits and value of international students, including population growth and other economic, social and cultural contributions – Through the proposed activity, we plan to introduce our international student cohort to the local community and businesses. Students will be able to connect with the community and discuss more about their cultural backgrounds and educate people about their home countries. This would assist the local community to understand the international students and potential migrants, better.
•Strengthen partnerships and collaborations between international students and the Territory – Through this one off and hopefully regular yearly sessions, we will be able to maintain and strengthen the ties between CDU – Students – Territory Businesses/Organisations. This event would be a pilot for many more such events and collaborative sessions in the future. Once familiar with the community, students can maintain and build more collaborative alliances moving forward.
Effective start/end date3/04/2030/04/22