Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, utilisation funding variation for Core Research Program project ‘Developing effective emergency management partnerships in remote north Australian communities’ (Commenced 1 July 2017)

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The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC is pleased to advise that a variation to the above named Core Research Program project for the delivery of research utilisation titled ‘Building capacity in Northern Australia remote communities utilisation workshop’ has been approved and a total of $40,000 (ex-GST) has been allocated. The workshop will occur on 02 April 2020, followed the CRC’s Northern Australia Research Forum of 01 April 2020.
The CRC has supported a suite of projects undertaken through the CRC’s ‘northern hub’ under the theme of Building community resilience in northern Australia, including two current projects: Developing effective emergency management partnerships in remote north Australian communities, and Scenario planning for remote community risk management in northern Australia. Broad contextual issues relating to these projects were presented and discussed at the Northern Research Advisory Forum held on 2 April 2019 in Darwin, including:
• How do agencies engage effectively and build long-term relationships with remote communities?
• Conversely, how do local communities develop and build effective long-term partnerships with agencies?
• How can emergency management arrangements better utilise remote community resources, skills and capabilities?
• How appropriate and effective are standard volunteer models for engaging and retaining remote community members, what are the experiences of agencies operating across the North?
• What are the associated costs and benefits (including financial) of different volunteer or alternative (e.g. fee-for-service) engagement models, what is the evidence?
• How do above matters relate to, might inform and be informed by, ongoing national discussions addressing evolving emergency management community engagement and volunteer models?
Effective start/end date2/04/2031/12/20