Can mine site rehabilitation restore Indigenous cultural values?

  • Kemp, Will (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectMasters by Research

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Many mining rehabilitation studies in Australia have addressed biophysical properties of the rehabilitated landscape, but few studies have investigated whether these biophysical properties adequately assess the cultural value of the rehabilitated land. This aim of this project is to understand the Indigenous cultural and social values that are affected by mining and rehabilitation of mine sites. The project will identify Indigenous cultural values relating to rehabilitation of mined lands, and assess the current extent of, and future possibility of, post-mining restoration of the cultural landscape to its pre-mining state. This project will also develop an understanding of the processes required to plan rehabilitation which incorporates restoration of Indigenous cultural values. Interviews will be used to assess the extent to which, and how, environmental professionals working with the mining industry consider an Indigenous cultural perspective when carrying out the rehabilitation of mine sites. Interviews with Indigenous people will assess their view as to whether Indigenous cultural values can be restored after mining. Specific questions to be addressed are whether: western scientific ecosystem, community and flora population attributes are important considerations for Indigenous views of rehabilitation success, and whether Indigenous cultural perspectives are adequately considered. The interviews will be analysed to suggest ways to improve rehabilitation techniques and assessment criteria to better restore the cultural landscape. Outcomes of the project will include the production of a report which will assist Traditional Owners and miners to plan rehabilitation in a way that includes restoration of the cultural landscape.
Effective start/end date7/01/19 → …


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