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The aim of this consultancy is to:
1. Review the recent literature review of evidence for the current Drivers and conduct a further review to assess the strength of evidence or opinion in support of factors that were left partially or completely undetermined in the earlier review. These include Social and Behavior Change, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Social Cohesion, Effective Public Policies, and Spiritual and Emotional Resilience.
2. Use information from current evidence, other relevant reviews related to sustainability and interviews with selected WVI (sector etc.) and regional staff, to propose a standard list of observable post-closure signs or “key factors” that indicate there have been “transformational” changes in the program communities which are sustaining or likely to sustain child well-being
gains, and that further progress is possible/likely despite the closure of an intervention.
3. Hypothesis and map the causal relationships between the post-closure factors identified and Sustainability-Driver related foundations built during WV programming, particularly showing how the five different drivers work together to create lasting change.
Short titleWWFConsult
Effective start/end date23/06/2230/09/22


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