Corrosion of Chromium Based Iron Alloys Deposited via Welding

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Wear resistant alloys are often highly desired in industries such as metallurgical processing and mining; however, understanding of the corrosive behaviour of these alloys is often neglected in research, leading to unexpected failure of components in the field. As such, it is important to improve behavioural knowledge to aid the design of more efficiently performing materials in the future. One alloy that is noted to be prominent in use for high wear resistance applications is High Chromium White Iron (HCWI). While these alloys can be cast, the primary focus of this investigation is within weld overlay application (or hardfacing), where harder materials are deposited onto the surface of the base metal to improve wear properties. Processing such as heat treatment is also employed post-application to further modify material behaviour. This includes laser surface melting, which can in part help homogenize the surface microstructure to reduce corrosion inducing elements. Testing of hardfaced HCWI alloys is intended to be conducted electrochemically, as well as via direct exposure towards differing environments in different pH environments.
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