COVID-19 Supplementary Funding Pool Scheme: Nhaltjan limurr dhu djäka miyalkku galŋa-ŋonuŋgu limurruŋgiyingal CARING FOR MUM ON COUNTRY (C4MC)- knowledge translation and completion

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    Background: A disproportionate number of First Nations women experience adverse maternal outcomes with little improvement in key indicators such as preterm birth over a decade. Disparities increase with geographical remoteness and women in the East Arnhem region experience the highest preterm birth rate in Australia (~18-22%) each year, compared to other First Nations
    women (17%) and non-Indigenous women (7%) in the NT.

    The C4MC project, underpinned by culturally-safe healthcare, informed through First Nations knowledge systems and lead by First Nations people, aims to build community capacity and improve perinatal outcomes.
    Aim: To facilitate knowledge translation and complete the C4MC project in Galiwin’ku, Northern Territory.

    1. Development of a community-based cohort of First Nations doulas (childbirth companions)to strengthen community support systems and reinvigorate sociocultural care practices
    2. Increase reproductive health literacy at individual and community levels, and
    3. Empower community to participate and negotiate shaping future reproductive healthcare
    that is culturally appropriate.

    Design: A decolonising participatory-action-research design, working in collaboration with Yolŋu (Aboriginal) women and guided by best-practice ‘Birthing on Country’ RISE principles: Redesign health service; Invest in the maternal, newborn and child health workforce; Strengthen Indigenous families; and Embed Indigenous governance and control. Under the leadership of senior Yolŋu researcher Associate Professor Elaine Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama, the project has engaged with Yolŋu women, Cultural Knowledge Authorities, local and regional maternity services to explore reproductive health, emphasising integrating Yolŋu and Western medical pregnancy and childbirth knowledge systems.
    Short titleCSFP C4MC
    Effective start/end date1/10/2131/03/23


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