Creative Careers in Central Australia - Phase 2

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    There are significant pathway gaps into creative industry livelihoods for those in remote parts of the nation. In central Australia, a previous research phase has identified that significant barriers include insufficient access to appropriate skills development, a lack of access to mentoring, scarcity of workplace experience opportunity and in some settings, overt racism.
    In this phase of the research the intent was to augment three applied case studies through workplace experience, and skills and market-readiness development. The objective was to understand and broker better the significant capability that those with creative skills contribute to either their own entrepreneurship, or within cultural and communication services. In light of COVID 19 the applied project case work was redesigned to include:
    Traineeships for two people to investigate their own career development while undertaking formal training were negotiated while project work, business strategy and mentoring were undertaken.
    Product development and market with an analysis of remote access to digital practice in the changing face of arts markets in person and online.
    The project will complete with a report reflecting gaps and connectors in the existing sparse and fragile networks; and the agility, capability and opportunities through which remotely based creative industry skilled or aspiring individuals can be better supported through resilient livelihood activities.
    Effective start/end date1/07/191/02/21


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