Cyanobacterial Dynamics in Darwin River Reservoir and Manton River Reservoir

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Drinking water quality and management and monitor of water reservoirs is a top priority for the water utilities. Of growing concern globally is the increased frequency of algal blooms in freshwater bodies due to hotter, drier conditions. Some cyanobacterial species associated with blooms are capable of producing toxic metabolites that can have adverse health effect on humans. Darwin River reservoir (DRR) is the main source of drinking water to Darwin community, and is regularly monitored for cyanobacteria and toxins. Manton River reservoir (MRR) is being considered as potential source of drinking water to supplement existing supplies as water demand increases. Monitoring data shows that cyanobacteria and low levels of some toxins are present in DRR and MRR.
This project will use existing and ongoing data collection from Power and Water Corporation to understand cyanobacterial community dynamics and environmental drivers. The added application of new technologies such as toxin gene assays will determine whether this technology has the potential for the early detection of potential toxin production. Key cyanobacterial species will be isolated from the reservoirs for benchtop studies to better understand triggers for toxin production. With increasing temperatures and changes to rainfall regime with climate change, Cyanobacterial abundance and dynamics is likely to change so it is important to understand environmental drivers and toxin production, in order to predict and plan management measures in drinking water sources.
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