Data analysis and report on Christmas Island Hawk-owl (HO) survey data collected from 8 separate island-wide occupancy surveys conducted between 2006 and 2019

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Review relevant literature pertaining to the Christmas Island Hawk-owl, Christmas Island itself, and existing analyses of the distribution and abundance of native species on Christmas Island other than the Christmas Island Hawk-owl which respond to similar environmental cues. Develop models of variation in site-occupancy, abundance and detectability of the Christmas Island Hawk-owl, focussing separately on each of: (a) temporal (i.e. within-site) variation; and (b) spatial (i.e. between-site) variation. These models will allow us to identify the factors influencing the distribution and abundance of the Christmas Island Hawk-owl, including but not limited to presence (and abundance) of yellow crazy ants, ant baiting, vegetation (e.g. canopy cover) and topography (e.g. ruggedness, elevation)
Short titleChristmas Island Hawk-owl (HO)
Effective start/end date13/05/2230/06/22


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