Death in disaster: sociocultural perspectives and challenges in Disaster Victim Identification

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The proposal specifies the extent of the study that will be done as well as the grounds that justify the claimed need to investigate this topic. The proposal's objective is to demonstrate the rationale for researching this topic, its importance, and how the research will be carried out. The research is linked to contemporary conflicts in the Middle East, demonstrating why this topic is significant and should be studied extensively. The research topic is established, and the research background is presented in accordance with the study goal. Relevant literature is given as part of the proposal, as is the foundation for future study. The methods and process of data collecting using semi-structured interviews as part of qualitative research are heavily emphasized. The selection of participants and the rationale for employing these methodologies are equally critical components of the thesis. The suggestion elaborates on thematic analysis as a method of data analysis. The final section discusses thesis development plans and resources. Key words: death, disaster, culture, customs disaster victim identification.
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