Developing Carbon Project Knowledge with Wardaman Traditional Owners.

Project: Consultancy - Non Research

Project Details


Challenge: To facilitate a workshop to inform Wardaman
Traditional Owners of the feasibility and conditions to undertake a Savanna
Burning project on their country.

Methods: Inform and discuss the following issues, to develop a
business plan: Governance (short,
medium and long term strategies); Current and future funding and Economic
Benefits; Current and future land-use opportunities; Current and Future Ranger
group capacity (training, equipment, ranger base, ability to conduct fire
management); Co-existing land-use - Pastoral & Carbon; Regional Context -
neighbouring projects - Wagaman, Judbarra, Bradshaw, etc; Ability to improve
fire regime – challenges; Analysis of fire regime (where are the risks? Where
can improvements be made?); Biodiversity benefits; Social benefits.

Outcomes: The workshop will provide Wardman Traditional Owners with a
comprehensive understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of undertaking
a Savanna Burning project prior to a Section 19 Consult. The workshop will be
summarised to provide a Business Plan for the project.

Effective start/end date10/10/2031/12/20