Developing environmental DNA resources for aquatic biodiversity monitoring in the Northern Territory

  • Piggott, Maxine (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)
  • Banks, Sam (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)
  • Abbott, Kirsten (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: Research

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This project will develop resources and capability for improving the application of environmental DNA (eDNA) methods for biodiversity survey and monitoring in the Northern Territory (NT). In collaboration with the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, project activities will include 1. delivering a high-quality DNA reference database of priority aquatic species in the NT, 2. developing a taxonomic framework for accurate species identification, 3. development of eDNA methods suitable for identifying aquatic biodiversity in NT catchments, and 4. a capability development plan to identify future eDNA resourcing and collaborations.
Effective start/end date27/03/2430/12/25


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