DP210103227 Can animal dispersal inform fire management for species conservation?

  • Banks, Sam (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)
  • Cary, Geoffrey J. (Co Investigator/Chief Investigator B)
  • Davies, Hugh (Chief Investigator C)
  • Gillespie, Graeme R. (Associate Investigator)

    Project: Research

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    This project aims to improve fire management for environmental outcomes in northern Australia. It will address a key knowledge gap in our understanding of the effects of fire on biodiversity, relating to the spatial pattern of fire in the landscape. This is important because changing patterns of fire are not only a risk to humans but have major effects on our environment. This project will involve researchers, environmental managers and indigenous land owners to design better fire management strategies for biodiversity. The key benefits include new knowledge and tools to better manage fire and address one of our major environmental challenges, the decline of native wildlife in northern Australia.
    Effective start/end date13/04/2131/12/24


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