Educational research in Indonesia: chance and challenge of play-based research

  • Pertiwi, Widya Hanum Sari (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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This study examined the culture of how research is taught and supported for undergraduate students in Indonesia in relation to the new Indonesian higher education Qualifications Framework and National Standard of Higher Education. It engaged academic staff involved in the teaching of research and/or supervising undergraduate students’ theses in English language teacher education programs and aimed at investigating the intellectual and practical challenges that the new policies present to them. Regarding to it, the study employed case study as its design to gain as rich perceptions as possible from the participants and to explore their approach and thoughts when teaching research and/or supervising students’ theses. Various data collection methods (surveys, focus group discussion, interviews) and data analysis were used to understand the issue better as the participants grapple with the task of implementing competency standards specified in the new policies. The findings show that while the participants were aware of the change, to reach the goals explicated in the competency standards need more than just a status quo concerning “what-are” and “what have been done”. It requires courage to grow intellectually by daring to think out of the box, following the scientific intuition, and playing with any disciplines in order to avoid the “trend” of unadventurous and introverted educational research.
Effective start/end date29/02/16 → …


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