Encountering Maritime Northern Australia: Perspectives on Fisheries, Sea Country and Governance. Supplementary Funding Scheme

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The overarching goals of this project are: (1) to improve the number and quality of research outputs coded to FoE 0903 “Studies in Human Society”, (2) to enhance research capacity within this FoE to achieve world ranking for CDU rankings and (3) provide recognition of CDU expertise and research capacity in this ERA code(s) in relation to the NT and Northern Australia region to attract new research/scholars/HDRs in the future. To achieve this, the project will bring together a group of scholars and partners to collaborate on a symposium and collection of papers for a special issue on ‘Encountering Maritime Northern Australia’ in a Q1 journal with ERA codes in ‘Studies in Human Society’ which will generate higher CDU ratings in this ERA discipline. By achieving this, the project will deliver the following outcomes: 1) Generate scholarly collaboration among senior high performing researchers, ECRs, HDRs, adjuncts and other external partners to generate a body of knowledge relating to multidisciplinary perspectives on marine and maritime Northern Australia; 2)Showcase CDU research expertise and partner collaborations in leading research and scholarly interpretations of key contemporary issues for Indigenous and non-Indigenous society, culture, economy and the environment in the NT and wider North Australia region; 3) Provide research career opportunities for co-contributors such as HDRs and ECRs; 4) Promote CDU interdisciplinary research collaboration and generate opportunities for future research collaborations internally and externally. The project will bring together HDRs, ECRs, experienced researchers, industry, community and Indigenous collaborators and government stakeholders to profile North Australian maritime society and Indigenous and sectoral marine interests. This knowledge will contribute towards more informed decisions regarding the sustainable livelihoods and improved marine management and governance and Indigenous cultural recognition and protection in the region.
Effective start/end date1/12/2131/12/23


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