Feasibility, Acceptability and Effectiveness of Sterile Water Injection (SWI) in Managing Low Back Pain among Labouring Women in a Tertiary Hospital in Ghana: A Mixed-Method Study

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Background: Sterile Water Injections (SWI) is an effective, evidence-based option for managing low back pain for labouring women. However, Ghanaian women in labour do not have SWI as an option for managing low back pain during birth despite the negative effects of unmanaged pain on both the labouring woman and her baby.
Aim: This study aims to explore the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of implementing sterile water injection (SWI) in managing low back pain among labouring women in Ghana.
Research Design: The study will use a mixed-method approach (Convergent-parallel) to prospectively select pregnant women and administer the SWI intervention to those with low back pain. Midwives will be trained to administer the SWI intervention.
Data Collection: Data collection will be in three phases after recruiting and training of the midwives. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected from the women, midwives and other stakeholders. Data collection tools will include VAS tool for pre, intra and post intervention, satisfaction surveys for the women and interviews for the different participant groups (women, midwives and stakeholders).
Data Analysis: The quantitative aspect will be analysed with SPSS version 24.0 whereas the qualitative data will be managed using Nvivo software version 12. Descriptive and inferential analysis will be done for the quantitative aspect of the study, whereas thematic analysis will be used to identify the main and sub-themes emerging from the qualitative arm of the study.
Expected Outcomes: The primary outcome expected of this study will be to determine the proportion of pregnant women with low back pain who receive SWI for low back pain relief. Other secondary outcomes anticipated will include its acceptability based on experiences and perceptions from the labouring women, midwives and leadership of the facility. Overall, it is anticipated that this study will improve the quality of care for women in labour and provide a positive birthing experience for all women in Ghana.

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