Fine-scale fire mapping for LIPA

  • Evans, Jay (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

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For the 2019 Fire management season, the provision of burnt area mapping for the operational area of the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area as below;
(i) Binary (burnt/unburnt) classification derived from one or a combination of fine resolution satellite sources (Landsat 8 or Sentinel-2, whichever provides the most complete cloud free coverage of the area for the time period), for the following time periods;
a. The beginning of the year to the end of prescribed burning activities, or the date of associated useful satellite overpass most closely matching those dates delivered within ten working days of the concluding date of the time period.
b. The whole year delivered by 28 February the following year and attributed by date of satellite overpass where the burnt area first detected.
(ii) Where for a given area the above data sources are continually obscured by cloud so that accurate detection of fire scars within that area becomes unfeasible, a coarser resolution burnt area product will be substituted for that area.
(iii) Delivered in ESRI shapefile data format, or else as requested.
(iv) Where required advice will be provided regarding the use and analysis of supplied data.
Effective start/end date1/05/2031/05/23


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