Flower portraits as images of movements, memories and materiality

  • Borlagdan, Jean (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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Migration as a phenomenon implies movements and changes. It affects domains of migrant life regardless of the motivations for a move. Artists are not only among the most mobile members of a community, but they are also often outriders of transformations of ideas. This practice-based research aims to reflect the way relocation affects an artist’s work, with particular note on one artist’s interpretation.
In visual arts, themes of displacement, attachment, loss, home/homeland, identity, sense of belonging, repossession of memory are commonly exemplified with images of people, modes of transport, occurrences but seldom with images of flowers. Similarly, studies on material culture often examine man-made objects instead of aspects of the natural environment such as plants and flowers. Self-reflexive evaluation and exploration of material relating to conditions of migration are used to explore accounts on environmental memories, emphasising the manner in which people invest places with meaning and significance. Hence, this research extends knowledge on how people act in ways that reflect their bonding and linkages with places through art. It focuses on flowers in diaspora to demonstrate reflections of a migrant using art as an important practice in resettlement and upholding well-being.
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