Fostering enrichment in zoos

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Kat's PhD research explores the ways that zoo keepers develop enrichment for big cats, in particular tigers. Enrichment includes a suite of practices aimed at improving the welfare of animals living in captivity and has received extensive research attention in zoos. This research project is uniquely targeted at investigating enrichment through a qualitative approach - gathering insights from the experience and perspectives of zoo keepers globally. Interviewing the keepers who devise enrichment schedules for tigers has revealed a wide range of social, cultural and psychological factors that drive these practices in zoos. Kat's research is intended to Foster enrichment in zoos, as entitled, by providing insights and tools to support people working in the zoo industry. The explorative nature of this project, through the social sciences lens, also generates a new point of reference for zoos to further consider the value of reflecting on organisational research when planning and implementing animal management practices. Collaborators on this project include Professor Simon Moss (CDU), Samantha Ward (NTU), and Clive Phillips (UQ).
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