Funding for post doctoral research projects - Dr Kuntal Goswami, Asoke Kumar Mehera, Kamal Mahmud, Dr Ritu Bhatia & Dr SathyaPriya Govindarajulu

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    The Australian Centre for Sustainable Development Research and Innovation (ACSDRI) has provided funding for part-time post doctoral research projects for Dr Kuntal Goswami ($3,000), Asoke Kumar Mehera ($3,000), Kamal Mahmud ($3,000), Dr Ritu Bhatia ($3,000) & Dr SathyaPriya Govindarajulu ($2,000), under the Project Leadership of Prof Rolf Gerritsen for a period of two years. They can also collaborate with other academics in Australia and Internationally. We can provide further funding if required to complete any three or four listed projects.- Literature Review on Sustainability or Sustainable Development related topics- Mapping extent of Food Waste prevention activities in Australia- Mapping extent of holistic Sustainability values incorporated in Business Education curriculum- Comparing Tasmania’s development with other regional areas of Australia- Relationship between allocation of Royalties for Region grants and political affiliation of the region – Political perspective of grant allocation to Western Australian Region.
    Effective start/end date21/11/1931/12/21


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