Growing Our Own (GOO) 2019-2020

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    Growing Our Own (GOO) is a joint venture partnership between the NT Catholic Education Office, its Indigenous Catholic Community Schools and their staff and students and the University for on-site delivery of CDU’s Bachelor of Education Primary to Indigenous students in remote communities.

    The challenge
    It is an ongoing challenge for Northern Territory schools to attract, develop and retain skilled, experienced leaders and teachers. A high rate of staff turnover makes it difficult for any school, and in particular those in remote communities, to deliver quality teaching by teachers with experience and understanding of the local environment, and to maintain the continuity of program delivery.
    Local Indigenous teachers are best placed to deliver and plan the curriculum around Indigenous languages and culture that best serve the needs of their students. In addition these Indigenous teachers are more likely to stay working at their local school than are non-resident contract teachers and they thereby ensure the continuity in education delivery and the links with the community.
    What we are doing
    This program delivers the Bachelor of Education Primary to Indigenous staff currently employed in remote Catholic schools as assistant teachers, teacher aides or in similar capacities. The program involves on-site delivery by CDU staff, as well as tutoring and learning support from designated school-based coordinators. Indigenous pre-service teachers participate in relevant, formal supervised practicum placements in their workplaces and in other schools. They are supported by targeted mentoring that informs and reflects the content and theory of each unit.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1931/01/21