Humility in education as an antidote to self-centeredness among young people

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Can we recognize our limitations? Can we tolerate ambiguities and uncertainties? Can we balance multiple perspectives and bridge diverse areas of expertise? IF YES, HOW? Inspired by David Robson’s research “The Intelligence Trap” and Noel L. Clemente’s (2023) recent advancements in the fields of wisdom and humility development, this research will employ Participatory Action Research (PAR) in an inquiry as to how humility can be used as a pedagogical tool in contemporary educational spaces – actually Year 9 students.

Following the ‘constitutive’ and ‘regulative’ rules of PAR, this research is aiming to conduct five ‘iterative’ and ‘recursive’ phases in this inquiry to explore questions like: What pedagogies can be employed to promote humility in schools? practiced in educational institutions to provide it a pedagogical lens? What theories or models can be used to humility practices? What are the impediments to such practices, and, how to resolve them?

This research will be a collaborative, involving in-service teachers, school psychologists, counsellors, support staff and students in a secondary school in Connecticut, USA.
Effective start/end date18/02/21 → …


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