IAS Rainmaker Start Up – Research Grant to inform the NT Education Engagement Strategy 2022-2031

    Project: Research

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    The NT Education Engagement Strategy 2022-2031 focuses on education as a partnership between with families and communities. The Department has significant internal datasets to inform and evaluate progress, but little capacity to analyse and report on these large datasets. Consequently, it is considering a grant to fund ongoing research which may be for the duration of the Strategy. The Department has expressed a desire to develop an ongoing research partnership with the Demography and Growth Planning team at the Northern Institute.

    This Rainmaker application is to support:
    • Pre-scoping work to determine metadata infrastructure, data cleansing and coding framework requirements using sample Departmental datasets;
    • Scoping several layers of research and methods to present for funding under the grant;
    • Administrative work to apply for and process the grant; and
    • Payment of casual research staff to work on existing contracted research and facilitate the applicants securing the grant
    Effective start/end date3/01/2231/10/22


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