Innovative Teacher Learning Approach for Sustainable Social Peace

  • Pheeney, Christine Edith (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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Social peace and sustainability typically require intentional effort engaging people and groups with distinct characteristics toward a common social purpose. In pursuit, top level Indonesian Governance directs Education Institutions animate the Pancasila (Indonesian national principles précised as 'Unity in Diversity’) to build aligned character in classroom learning. However, current education practices are described as too abstract, influenced by typical professional development conducted in regional hubs wit h mostly homogenous enclaves, as constrained by aspects of decentralisation and perceived remote logistics. It is apparent that teachers of the populous, dispersed and diverse nation require innovative support towards directive achievement. In research underway, twenty-three teachers of diverse cultural, religious, age and geographic backgrounds were recruited to an Online Interregional Collaborative Inquiry (OICI) of the Pancasila. The teachers used personal digital devices to engage in synchronous small group video conference sessions, asynchronous forums and individually respond to open ended reflective interview and survey questions. Study of the interactions presents teachers’ cooperative readiness along with facilitator and content scaffolding, enabled united inquiry focus. This led to conversational ‘storying’ of abstract concepts, relational connections and lived ‘unity in diversity’ experience that now guides nurturing aligned classroom practice. This presentation explores OICI innovative teacher learning design and applicability to 'what can we do today for tomorrow’ to advance global hopes of peaceful sustainability.
Effective start/end date31/03/16 → …


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